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Start your weight loss program super motivated, confident, with any desires to eat junk/overeat greatly reduced, and a plan of action? This will make it easier to lose weight. A JumpStart with Energy Hypnosis will make this happen for you

My weight loss program deals with the mental part of losing weight. What we do is to get you motivated to eat less, to exercise, to help you stop the cravings and so on. A JumpStart works with any program you want like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or just do your own.   

Mental Part + Eat Less = Fast & Easier Weight Loss

A Weight Loss Jumpstart can take 1-4 private sessions or one Workshop or a combination of both depending on what you need. Come in for a session make amazing progress and then decide when you want to come back. In a Workshop we have more time and the 'group effect' will help you make tremendous progress in one day.​​


This site has much more about losing weight and you can reserve a seat there. energyhypnosiscenter.com


I love listening to the audio tracks. They get you motivated, inspired, help you overcome desires to eat junk/overeat. They are short 2-10 minutes long and one of them the 'outloud' track can be listened to while walking, making your bed, most anytime anywhere. Listen to them on my blog at

https://wp.me/p4zkyM-wL ​  You will receive a thumb drive with the Weight Loss, Reach Your Goals, and Quit Smoking Workbooks and mp3 audio tracks for all three at no charge. ​​


Groups are great and work really well. We have more time for Hypnosis and EFT which means more results. There is also the group effect which makes it easier to get the results you want. We will have discussions, demonstrations, 4 group hypnosis sessions, 3 EFT group sessions and written exercises. Everyone will go into hypnosis together and this works great. You can observe the first session if you want to see how it works first. Throughout the workshop you can participate or just watch. Class size is limited to 10 people which will make a better experience for you. Bring a friend

Weight Loss Workshops  Saturday April 7, 28, 11am-1:30pm   Investment $75

Tickets are not needed. Space is limited to 8 people so call, email, or text  to reserve your seat early before they run out.​​


Once you start losing weight you become more confident and you get a natural high. But real life can knock you off track. You might have something stressful hit you like a brick. You might get sick. You might just get tired and lose your motivation. To get back on track you can come in for a Booster session or a Weight Loss Workshop.


Get fit while you are losing weight so you can live longer, have a better life AND keep the weight off. Exercise, eat healthy, quit smoking, less stress, more energy, balance your life are the keys to a wonderful life. Are you ready?


How will you feel when you lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, ...reach your goal weight?

To get started call Garry at 415-854-5504 or email maxhappiness@att.net