Get Started, Get Moving, Fast & Easier

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but couldn't get started? You might of wanted to stop biting your nails, lose weight or get a better job but there were always some excuses not to get started. Now you can get a JumpStart that will get you started, get you motivated to make the changes you want. Be excited on the way to getting it done. Have a better life in a few weeks. 


Only 1-4 sessions will usually do it. Many of them take 1-2 sessions to get started and get it done right here. You can quit smoking in 2 sessions. I have helped people stop biting their fingernails in 2 sessions. Because losing weight involves so many factors it can take up to 3-4 sessions. A great way to start your Weight Loss program is a private session and a Workshop which costs just $110 total. 


Here is a sample of what I do:

weight loss                  quit smoking         ​           nail biting

trauma                         fear                                 phobias

career                          money                             goals

sports                          eat healthy                      exercise

work                            less stress                       reduce tension

​relationships               college                             find something

confidence                  insight                              positive thinking 

motivation                   clearer mind                     peace

strength                      why?                                 what can I do? 

Call or email about your area.

Starting a new business? Get a JumpStart to get it going and to make money.


Need a little more help to reach your goal? After your Jumpstart you can come in at anytime to get a boost, work on another topic or whatever you want. 

Private session 75 minutes - regular price $120 - the Fall Special is half off your first session only $60.  You will make tremendous progress in your first session and many topics only take one session.


You can come in for your first session and decide at any time that this isn't for you and leave without any charge yes it will be free. If anytime after the session you are not satisfied with your results your payment will be refunded. I charge half off for the first session so everybody can try a session with me for only $60 

To get your JumpStart call Garry at 415-854-5504 or email

​​​​​​​​Get A 


Come in and get a JumpStart. You will be amazed at the results you get. I guarantee it.