I had just been to the emergency room for breathing problems and the doctor said I had to quit smoking. But how could I quit? Every time I tried I just couldn't do it. I didn't believe I could and I didn't know what to do. I decided to try Hypnosis but I doubted that it would work for me. I found a Hypnotist in Novato and went for a session. He explained how it worked and then I sat in a comfortable chair with my eyes closed. During the trance I saw what smoking was doing to me and all of the great things that would happen when I quit. When it was over I didn't think it worked but when I got in my car I didn't want to smoke. I had quit smoking and I had only minor withdrawals. Thank you Hypnosis. Garry Waligore 1982

Hypnosis is great for making the changes you want to have a better life. It puts you in a suggestive state where you can let go of what's holding you back, get motivated and make the changes fast & easier. It's safe and very relaxing. Hypnosis works fast which means you make amazing progress right away which means you save time and money 

Perhaps you have seen a stage show or a friend told you about their experience or you read about it and now you have a chance to try the real thing. To go inwards to experience seeing yourself reach a goal or make a change, to go on a magical trip to a fun spot and to get in touch with your feelings. Because you can learn why you do stuff you can change your behavior.  


Will Hypnosis work for me? Most people get amazing results. I love seeing a smoker quit. It  is safe and very relaxing. Everyone will be treated with respect and no one will quack like  a duck. You will get amazing results right here. Afterwards you will drive safely to your next destination.​ 


It's new and it's here. Save time and money. Hypnosis gets excellent results for most people and now I am adding EFT & Reiki to up the results to amazing. We are all energy and Energy Hypnosis will get your energy flowing and you will become energized and ready to reach your dreams.

Can I just use Hypnosis?  Yes. At the session EFT & Reiki will be explained to you and you can choose if you want to try it and there is no extra cost


​    EFT  





EFT is based on the fact that the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.
How does it work? It helps you in 4 ways.
1. EFT utilizes the energy meridians of the body. All that is required is to simply focus on the negative emotion or problem and 'tap' certain meridian points on the body. This clears any blockages and allows your body's energy to flow again. And you feel better.
2. Along with tapping we say 'affirmations' which talk you thru the process of emotional healing.
3. Images, feelings and insight can come up giving you a whole new insight into what's really going on.
4. Repeating the tapping process over and over opens up the subconscious mind allowing the affirmations to become stronger and release Mental blocks. 
PLUS The real beauty of it is that anyone can learn it and do it at home, at work, most anywhere and it takes only a few minutes. 
It works on the body, mind & spirit. 

Weight loss is a good example. EFT will help you find and resolve the underlying causes of your desires to eat which means your cravings will fade away bringing you peace and allowing you to lose weight fast & easier. How will you feel when you lose 10 pounds?



​​Reiki is a connection with the ever flowing light energy of the Universe. The Chinese call this energy 'chi' and the Hindus call it 'prana'. It's very relaxing and healing and especially good for going into deeper Hypnosis. It adds a third dimension to Energy Hypnosis. A 10 minute session is available at a Energy Hypnosis private session.


You can come in for a private session and first get a free consultation and then decide if you want to continue with the session at half price $60. At a group you can observe the first group Hypnosis session and then decide to leave at no charge or you can stay at the regular price. If you are not satisfied your money will be refunded. 


 Private session 75 minutes - regular price $120 - the Fall Special is half off your first session only $60.  You will make tremendous progress in your first session and many topics only take one session.


You can come in for your first session and decide at any time that this isn't for you and leave without any charge yes it will be free. If anytime after the session you are not satisfied with your results your payment will be refunded. I charge half off for the first session so everybody can try a session with me for only $60 

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How will you feel when you lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds ... and reach your goal weight?

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I guarantee the combination of Hypnotherapy + EFT+ Reiki will get you amazing results in a short time saving you time and money.

Garry Waligore Hypnotherapist

Energy Hypnosis - Get Amazing Results