I believe that people can make changes quicker and easier with Energy Hypnosis. I help people with more everyday areas: goals, weight loss, quit smoking, motivation etc. I want people who would never think of using Hypnosis to start using it to have the life they want.   

I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I was on the wrestling team in high school. I went to the University of Michigan and got a BS in Math. I worked 2 summers during college in a Ford auto plant cutting pinion gears. After college I was drafted and spent my army time in Germany.

After that I come to CA. In 1980 I went to a psychologist for stress. She used Hypnosis and I loved it. I then went to a Hypnotist to quit smoking and I did quit in 1 session. In 1982 I went to HCH Institute and became a Hypnotherapist. I continued to work at regular jobs and did hypnosis part-time. In 2011 I retired from both. Since Fall 2016 I have taken classes in Hypnotherapy, EFT & Reiki and now I have returned to Hypnosis as of July 2017. 

Most of my life I have worked out at gyms and for the last 5 years I have worked out hard losing 60 pounds. I have been taking online courses at Hypnosis Training Academy and I completed Reiki and EFT classes at HCH Institute in Lafayette CA.

I had 8 brothers and sisters and we were poor. Because of this I have a sliding scale for my sessions and I offer groups at an affordable rate. 

At 71 years old I have seen what not taking care of yourself during your younger years can affect your older years. I have a friend younger than I am who I have known for 30 years and didn't exercise, eat healthy and is 90 pounds overweight and has had 3 heart attacks this year. He recently died. Because I saw what happened to him I decided to specialize in Weight Loss.