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Stop The Cravings
  Get Super Motivated    

                               Quit Smoking

  Weight Loss

    Stress Relief

  Reach Your Goals

Take Your Next Step!
Graduate from college, write a book, start a business, sports, whatever your dream is. Anger relief, better grades, confidence, habits determination, family issues, identity, job issues, loss, money, rebellion, sales and sports. 

5 Reasons To Use Hypnosis 
1. It works FAST. For quit smoking 1 session. For weight loss 2 private sessions or 1 workshop.
2. It removes the doubts, desires and cravings that are holding you back.
3. It will inspires and motivate to do whatever is needed to reach your goal.
4. Hypnosis is so relaxing and refreshing.
5. It's safe. Everyone is treated with respect. Nobody will quack like a duck.
6. It's affordable!!!

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New Hypnosis

First Step Weight Loss
Stop the Cravings 
Get Super Motivated

Everything you need to start losing weight. Two Private Sessions or one Workshop. Imagine how much this would help!

fter First Step you can use any Weight Loss Program you want. It works with all Weight Loss Programs.

Be Strong with Self Hypnosis
Learn to use it Anytime Anywhere
Work, School, Gym, Goals, Home
Maximize your happiness!

Saturday Workshops
First Step Weight Loss
Apr 19, 11am-1pm
Be Strong with Self Hypnosis
May 17, 11am-1pm

Small cozy class of only 4-6 people.
Use Hypnosis and teach self hypnosis.
To attend: Call or email.

Can Hypnosis Help?
Yes! I believe that 95% of people can be hypnotized and get the results they want. Attend a session or workshop. If you think it won't work for you there will be no charge at all.
Garry Waligore Hypnotist since 1983.

To Get Started Call or email
: Novato CA
Twitter: @MaxHappiness
Phone: 415-408-8113
Saturday & Night Hours
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